Dyson V6 Motorhead cordless vacuum review (video)

Dyson is one of the few groups that I can unequivocally say makes absolutely brilliant products on a consistent foundation. It wasn’t lengthy in the past that I gave the organization’s new humidifier high marks, in addition, engraving that concept into my brain. And for the previous few weeks I’ve been checking out Dyson’s new v6 motorhead cordless vacuum and that I’m relatively satisfied with it — more than impressed, in reality — with one minor exception.

How nicely does it clean?

I’ll get right down to business right here: the v6 motorhead easy really nicely. Okay, will can you be more precise or. Reviewer dude? Sure, I’m able to.

My “ordinary” on-Dyson vacuum, which was an Electrolux I bought at target, (the one I have been the usage of for as a minimum more than one years) seemed to do a first rate activity of picking up dirt, trash, puppy hair and miscellaneous junk around the house. Till I was given a robotic vacuum from neato which blew that “everyday” vacuum out of the water. I was surprised at all the stuff it picked up — easily triple the amount of gunk. Nicely, that extremely good robotic couldn’t attain several locations in the residence: the stairs, blinds, plant life, beds, counters… you get the point.

However, the v6 motorhead cleans simply as appropriate (if no longer higher) than that neato vacuum and it is able to reach actually anywhere (except perhaps some ceilings). The amount of dirt the Electrolux picks up versus the Dyson is a funny story. In spite of it’s small, smooth-to-use length, the Dyson is an effective little beast.

Bottom line: the v6 motorhead pulls greater junk out of your carpet than you’d expect and leaves no visual hint of dust or mess. As a vacuum, that might be the minimal qualifier for an amazing recommendation, but there are a few other reasons why this vacuum a winner.

First, it’s mild. Certainly light. It’s a breeze to push around, although it’s no longer powered (and if it became powered, it’d just be that plenty heavier). As opposed to that Electrolux I maintain mentioning, this vacuum feels about four to five instances lighter. It’s so mild that it is able to nearly be a chunk heavier (ha ha — now not truly, it’s just about best — however you simply wouldn’t need it any lighter than this or it’d be like pushing air).

Second, it’s cordless. That’s something that in reality makes a large difference whilst you’re the use of a vacuum (it seems). Now that I’ve used a cordless vacuum I could in no way move back. No longer having to plug it in, manage the twine at the same time as vacuuming and wrap it back up once I’m accomplished is notable.

And the charging machine is outstanding too. There’s a clean-to-installation mount and all you need to do is grasp the vacuum up and plug it in. However, I do have one small complaint along those lines which you’ll examine about shortly (though relaxation-assured, it wouldn’t ever forestall me from buying this vacuum or recommending it to a chum).

1/3, the Dyson ball joint makes pivoting the vacuum head splendid easy.

Fourth and finally — and really importantly — the v6 motorhead is pretty adaptable. You may push it to the ground or you could turn it right into a hand-held vacuum in a snap. The attachments are smooth to a position on and take off and it makes cleaning a diffusion of factors as clean and short as possible.

It’s so flexible, in truth, that my wife and I’ve taken to cleaning the auto out with it as well as the residence. We adore the usage of it to easy the car higher than the store vac (with that long nasty hose and inconvenient rolling base — and that traumatic twine).

Layout and looks

The Dyson v6 motorhead has a lot of fashion for a vacuum. Glaringly that is one of the hallmarks of the Dyson logo. And I will recognize that because there’s, in reality, no cause why something you have interaction with on an ordinary basis needs to be ugly. With that in thoughts, I, in reality, respect the intense shades of the v6 motorhead. To look at it you’d understand it turned into a vacuum simply through the shape, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it become nearly a futuristic laser gun from the destiny while the lengthy attachment is off of it. I’ll simply go away it at this: it’s a graceful, amusing appliance that needs you to absolutely like it.

One little downside

So I surely do love this vacuum but there’s one issue I want it is able to do higher: last longer. As it stands the v6 motorhead has a 20-minute battery capability: that’s 20 mins of use at full electricity/suction. And this is awesome for one use.

But there are instances when I don’t need to trek right down to the laundry room (wherein we preserve the charger) to plug it lower back in — like once I’ve been using it upstairs. And there were a few instances already (simply inside a previous couple of weeks) wherein I’ve picked it up to begin cleaning something and it died shortly thereafter. It simply isn’t constructed for 2 consecutive uses without charging (as incomplete on cleanings).

I get the sensation that on every occasion I pull the cause to begin it up, it requires a variety of strength (and so it ought to given how satisfyingly sturdy it’s suction is).

But for what it’s far — a really effective yet gratifyingly mild portable vacuum — it’s a triumphing combination. This small issue couldn’t prevent me from recommending this vacuum. On the end of the day, it makes for an extra pleasant cleansing revel in.

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