Feenix Aria review: premium gaming headphones with superior sound (video)

Once I think of gaming headphones I consider headphones created from plastic with a long mic jutting out in the front. In a word I think “unsightly.” or I used to, till I held the Fenix aria in my palms and allow the high-priced cans envelop my ears. I’m satisfied to look a business enterprise wondering outdoor the “gamer” box and creating merchandise that isn’t simply useful. With the aria, Fenix is redefining gamer tradition making it greater on hand and more fashionable even as pushing performance barriers and taking gaming and song entertainment to the next degree.

The primary element you observe while you region the aria to your head is how good sized those headphones are. The sound, guys, no longer the bodily dimensions, even though… those are similarly large.

Allow me to get this out of the way right away: those are the nicest sounding headphones I’ve ever placed on my ears — gaming or in any other case. I’m absolutely blown away through how best the whole thing sounds through these cans. That’s the 50mm complete variety neodymium magnet drivers at work.

It’s the info that blows me away. I’m listening to matters I could never have before. I swear I will hear yo-yo ma respiration on his most famous music, easy presents. I was watching Mk Bhd’s today’s video, the country of 4k: early 2016, and that I could simply pay attention history noises like his heater and the motors driving with the aid of outdoor his window. Now believe having that kind of detail displaying up in your headphones while you’re playing an aggressive recreation like counter strike. That’s called an aggressive advantage.

The aria needs to help you dominate gaming, but Fenix designed these headphones to be used when you’re not holding a controller as well.

Taking note of song with those headphones is brilliant. The sign of a great pair of headphones isn’t loudness, it’s readability. And the aria’s sound is crisp and complete of detail. Bass is punchy without being grungy, voices and units are sharp and the overall sound profile is, in a word, accurate. Whilst Fenix says those are studio first-class headphones I’m able to argue with them there.

In the ultimate two years, I’ve had over 20 headphones come across my table for evaluating and I’ve by no means examined any that sounded this good — gaming or in any other case.


The mic setup on the aria is interesting. It’s a detached mic that you can use most effective whilst wanted. To apply it, you plug the USB adapter into your PC and then plug the headphones and the mic into that adapter. The adapter is also a far-flung, of types, due to the fact you may hit a mute button or turn the quantity up and down.

What makes this mic setup splendid is that it’s designed to handiest select up what you’re announcing because it’s uni-course (handiest choices up sound in a single direction). So whilst you clip it onto your shirt, you’ll simplest get audio of you speak and now not the background noise.

Plus, this mic is also studio satisfactory. That means the sound it picks up is super. Allow’s leave it at this: it’s proper sufficient to hook up to my DSLR and report audio for my 4k video reviews.

The aria is an over-the-ear headphone. That makes it superb-cozy; as it doesn’t sit down to your ear so there’s genuinely no danger for ear fatigue to set in.

Carrying those headphones it’s like checking your ears into a luxurious resort. The memory foam ear cushions are plush — past plush, definitely — and the over-ear layout does a splendid job selling out outside noises.

I could wear these headphones for hours on quit.

Appears and layout

Regrettably, nothing is best. The areas look as right as tremendous headphones can, however by using nature large headphones don’t appearance notable on a person’s head. Like several pairs of over-the-ear headphones, the areas include a tradeoff. You may have the areas out-of-this-global sound and a slender profile.

But I like the materials Fenix chose. The Japanese pine timber paired with the aluminum and black accents make regular gaming headphones appear like toys.

The cord for these headphones is simply as massive as you may count on. It’s approximately 4 instances thicker than your common headphone cord. It’s also without a doubt, genuinely long.

Because everything about these headphones is bigger than existence, they truly aren’t that transportable. They’re gaming headphones first and main and they truly sense at domestic — at home. So I wouldn’t plan on taking those with you everywhere… they’re simply too big.

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