The 3 Best Professional Keyboard Cases for the iPad Pro 9.7″

The 9.7″ iPad pro is a great portable enterprise tool — at the least while it’s paired up with a superb keyboard. Ipads (and tablets in fashionable) are such a first-rate way to consume content material, however wherein they’ve historically fallen behind laptops is inside the productivity department. That’s due to the fact developing content on the iPad — even the iPad pro — can nonetheless be just a chunk frustrating for plenty customers.

Arguments rage between ios devotees and those who can’t peel themselves away from the MacBooks or different laptops. But most of the issues commercial enterprise users have with the iPad seasoned can be addressed with a right keyboard (many, not all). Some of my biggest complaints towards the legitimate apple iPad keyboard (the clever keyboard) include no backlighting on the keyboard for typing in dark spaces, a cramped typing area at the nine.7″ version, a lack of shortcut keys and no adjustable viewing angle (and specifically that ultimate one). Plus, the smart keyboard often falls off if I choose up the iPad (or the keyboard) the incorrect way.

And so this article is becoming a piece of a “three pleasant options to apple’s clever keyboard” listing. And like many of my lists, this one has been born out of my very own preference to find the first-class substitute keyboard. Due to the fact at the same time as the smart keyboard is usable, I’m just not thrilled with it. I need a higher pad pro keyboard experience due to the fact the reality is I’m actually beginning to love getting some critical paintings performed on this tool.

For me, the iPad seasoned 9.7″ is good for firing off emails, writing articles and video scripts, sketching, taking notes (each handwritten the use of the apple pencil and typed), some spreadsheet paintings and perhaps one day quickly video editing (I need to edit video on my iPad seasoned so badly, but movie simply isn’t powerful sufficient and an iPad version of very last cut pro continues to be nowhere to be determined).

The innovative/creation centered apps I’m the usage of most on my iPad seasoned for the time being are: WordPress, a writer, twitter, numerous electronic mail apps (I’m continually trying out new ones), tell, apple’s notes app (I’ve completely migrated from Evernote at this point), safari, paper via fifty-three and OmniFocus. I take advantage of numerous other apps as well, but they are more targeted on eating, in preference to creating, content.

Before we get into my top 3 iPad seasoned 9.7″ keyboard cases, let me say that, lamentably, the perfect case just doesn’t exist for the time being (for my part). There are a few high-quality cases, but all of them have some obvious flaws or omissions. In my thoughts, the ideal iPad seasoned case would use the clever connector (I like now not having to pair the smart keyboard via Bluetooth), could have an area to keep the apple pencil, would have a backlit keyboard and, very importantly, more than one (adjustable) viewing angles as opposed to simply one. Oh, and glaringly it’d need to be secure to kind on (that means keys that aren’t too cramped and keys with the right quantity of travel). In the intervening time, this sort of case does now not exist.

That stated, allow’s dive in. These are the best keyboard instances for professionals that virtually need to get actual paintings done on their 9.7″ iPad pros in past due 2016 and early 2017 (and in all likelihood even into 2018 as I don’t see apple changing the iPad seasoned design up too extensively among now after which).

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